United Kingdom Track and Field All-Time Lists


Although primarily written for the paperback edition of the UK all-time lists this section details abbreviations and criteria used for other compilations on the site. Sources and acknowledgements are listed at the bottom of this page. Abbreviations for nations/territories are listed on a separate page.

In general UK all-time lists have been compiled to the following depths (some Senior outdoor events where the overall standard is high in international terms have been allowed to run slightly deeper):

100 (plus 40 best performances):

75/50 (plus 30/20 best performances):

50 (plus 20 best performances):

30 (plus 10 best performances):

20 (plus 5 best performances):


In addition shorter lists have been included to cover relays and a plethora of "non-standard" events. Supplementary lists (e.g. of wind assisted marks) have been compiled to a standard of performance so that, if integrated with the main list, they would produce a list of equivalent depth. Ancillary marks (i.e. non-leading performances in series) have also been detailed for Senior outdoor field events although, as full series in some minor and overseas meetings are not known, these should be regarded as incomplete. Notes are also given where it is felt further explanation is required for any performance included (or excluded) from the lists.

Senior, Under 23, Junior and Youth (Under 18) lists have been compiled in line with the IAAF definition of those age groups. Under 23 athletes are, therefore, defined as any athlete under 23 but over 19 at midnight on 31st December in the year of competition (which equates to the calendar year). Junior athletes are defined as any athlete under 20 at midnight on 31st December in the year of competition. Youth (Under 18) athletes are defined as any athlete under 18 but over 14 at midnight on 31st December in the year of competition.

Under 17, Under 15 and Under 13 athletes have been compiled in line with the uk:athletics definition of those age groups. As such athletes are those under the age in question at midnight on 31st August in the year of competition, but over the age required to be eligible for a lower age group. The year of competition in these instances is 1st October to 30th September, as opposed to the calendar year, in line with the current definition. As such Under 17, Under 15 and Under 13 athletes who have set marks in the period 1st October to 31st December, after completion of the competition year, have been listed separately as over age.

In 2006, therefore, the qualification for each age group is as follows:

U/23	Athlete born between 1st January 1984 and 31st December 1986 inclusive.
Junior	Athlete born on or after 1st January 1987.
Youth	Athlete born between 1st January 1989 and 31st December 1991 inclusive.
U/17	Athlete born between 1st September 1989 and 31st August 1991 inclusive.
U/15	Athlete born between 1st September 1991 and 31st August 1993 inclusive.
U/13	Athlete born on or after 1st September 1993.

Due to the low volume of "standard" competition, separate indoor all time lists for Under 13 athletes are not maintained. As a result athletes in this age group are eligible for inclusion in the Under 15 indoor (but not outdoor) lists. Relay teams containing under age athletes are eligible for inclusion in age group lists provided that at least one athlete is not under age.

Only marks by athletes eligible to represent Great Britain and Northern Ireland, at the time the performance was made, have been included. Performances by athletes with dual eligibility have only been included where the athlete was representing Britain or a British club/association. As such performances by South African athletes opting to pursue their British eligibility, during the former countries period of banishment from international competition, have been excluded if set in South Africa.

Performances by Northern Irish athletes opting to represent both Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic under the 1999 dual eligibility agreement are included in an addendum to the main list if set in Northern Irish Championships or whilst representing Northern Ireland. Performances by such athletes are excluded if set in other events.

Where younger athletes are known to have been only temporarily resident in Britain (e.g. boarding at a British school) their marks have been excluded. Where a non-British citizen has been resident in the United Kingdom since childhood and has, at the earliest opportunity, sought British nationality in order to represent Great Britain and Northern Ireland they are considered to have had dual eligibility for the total period resident in the United Kingdom if they had not previously exercised the option, or expressed a desire, to represent their country of origin. Otherwise such athletes performances are only included from the point at which they became eligible to represent Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The format of the lists is as follows:

Performance, Name, Nationality, Date of Birth, Position, Meeting, Venue, Date.

The following sections detail the criteria and abbreviations used throughout these lists.


Performances have been listed in order of superiority. Where two or more athletes have achieved the same mark the order of priority is date, venue (alphabetically), round/event (chronologically) and position.

The following marks have been excluded from the main lists and detailed separately:

The following performances have been completely excluded:

The abbreviations below have been used to qualify performances:

a	Automatic timing only known to one tenth of a second
A	Mark set at altitude over 1000 metres
c	Approximately
DNF	Did not finish
DNQ	Did not qualify
DNS	Did not start
DSQ	Disqualified
e	Estimated
hc	Handicap race
i	Indoor
J	With Junior hurdles/weights
km	Kilometres
m	Metres
mx	Mixed competition (track events <= 10000 metres and field events only)
NDR	No distance recorded
NHC	No height cleared
NTT	No time taken
o	Heptathlon score derived by subtracting 400 metres score from octathlon total
OJ	With original model javelin (multi-event only)
R	Rough tailed javelin
s	Pentathlon score derived by subtracting 60 metres score from sextathlon total
S	With Senior hurdles/weights
sq	Town/city square competition held under regular conditions
t	Track performance
u	Unofficial
U/A	Athlete under age limit for age group (Youth records & relays only)
w	Wind assistance greater than 2.0 metres per second (or multi-event total containing mark with wind assistance
	  greater than 4.0 metres per second and average wind reading greater than 2.0 metres per second)
W	Wind assistance greater than 4.0 metres per second (multi-event event mark only)
x	Mark set at distance greater than that of list
X	Sprint events held over less than 60 metres (indoor multi-event only)
y	Mark set over equivalent imperial distance (see differential tables below)
+	Intermediate time
'	Hand time corrected after inspection of photo-finish film
"	Photo-electric cell time
<	Less than or equal to
>	Greater than or equal to
?	Unconfirmed
#	Possibly irregular (All-Time Lists only)
#	Unratified/Unratifiable (Records/Best Performances or Commonwealth Lists only)
@	Not eligible to formally represent Britain or province at time of performance
	  (for example Northern Irish athletes who've opted to compete for Irish Republic) (Records only)

Where an athletes best performance is qualified by an A (sprints and jumps only), e, i, o, t, w, ? or + (road walks less than 20 kilometres only) the next best mark, if not similarly qualified and better than or equal to the last performance included in the list, is also given. Where the only marks in track lists up to 10000 metres/1 hour and road lists up to 100 kilometres are intermediate times, the best non-intermediate performance on a course greater than or equal to the distance in question is also given where superior to the best non-intermediate performance of the following list.

In outdoor events up to and including 200 metres, long jump and triple jump wind speeds (measured in metres per second) have been given to one decimal place where known. Where the wind speed was originally recorded to two decimal places the measurement has been rounded up e.g. 1.81 = 1.9, -0.29 = -0.2. Although every effort has been taken to assess the validity of marks where no wind speed measurement was taken or reported it is possible that some "windy" marks have been erroneously credited as legal.

Performances at the imperial distances detailed below have been included in their respective lists at the following differentials (hand times have not been rounded to one tenth):


In relay events the differential has been multiplied by the number of legs. If an athlete has a faster performance at the shorter metric distance, provided it is better than or equal to the last performance in the list, this is also detailed.

The table below outlines the differentials to be used when comparing imperial and metric performances at longer distances. Separate lists are maintained for 1 mile and 2 miles. Notable track performances at 3 miles and 6 miles (provided they are intrinsically superior to the athlete's best metric performance and the standard required to qualify for the metric list) are included as a footnote for the 5000 metres and 10000 metres.

1 mile1500m-17.0-20.0
2 miles3000m-36.0-42.5
3 miles5000m+29.0+34.0
5 miles (road)8km (road)-8.0-9.0
6 miles10000m+60.0+71.0
1600m1 mile+2.25+2.60

In distances up to and including 400 metres automatic times only known to one decimal place have been included at a differential of +0.09 to equate with the lowest end of the range possible after unrounding and adjustment (e.g. 11.5 would, at slowest, have been 11.59). As the steeplechase, 110 metres hurdles and many 100 metres races finished on the back straight at White City (photo-finish equipment was only installed on the home straight) automatic times cannot be derived for many of these events at that venue. Caution should be exercised in evaluating the relative merit of hand times given the different timing practices prevalent in many overseas countries.

In track events greater than marathon (running) and 50 kilometres (walking) times are rounded up to the nearest whole second. At distances beneath these times are rounded to the nearest 1/10th of a second if recorded manually or 1/100th of a second where automatic timing was used. Road performances originally timed to the nearest 1/10th of a second have been rounded up to the nearest whole second where tenths are known. Note in many road races, however, times have been rounded off to the nearest whole second so some marks may be listed as one second faster than would be otherwise given if tenths were known.

In 1, 2 and 6 hour track events distances are given in metres, otherwise distances in hour and day events are given in kilometres (to 3 decimal places). Hour or day event performances originally measured in miles and yards have been converted to metric at the rate of 1609.344 metres to 1 mile and rounded down.

In line with common practice both road and track performances have been included in Senior and Under 23 walks lists for men's 20, 30, 35 and 50 kilometres and women's 20 kilometres. Otherwise track and road marks have been separated for running and walking events. Intermediate times have been included in all road walking lists and in road running events greater than the marathon.

Given the variable nature of road courses, and changes in the criteria for course measurement and short course tolerance factors over the years, caution should be exercised in evaluating the relative merits of these marks. As the Boston Marathon is close to the criteria for a downhill course, and is prone to strong favourable winds, an athlete's next best mark is given where otherwise eligible to qualify for the list.

Field event performances originally measured in feet and inches have been converted to metric using the official IAAF metric conversion tables (2.54000 cm to 1 inch) and rounded off. From 1966 to 1997 discus, hammer and javelin performances were rounded to the nearest 2 cm/1 inch.

In multi-event competitions the individual event marks plus wind speeds, where known, are listed on the line below. If the event was originally scored on different tables to those currently in use the original score is given in brackets at the end of the line. Similarly if there is a discrepancy between the published total and the sum of the scores of the individual event marks this is indicated by a "?" next to the performance, with the alternative total given in brackets at the end of the second line.

The current standard order of multi-event competitions is as follows:

Men's Outdoor:

S/J	Decathlon	  100,LJ,SP,HJ,400; 110H,DT,PV,JT,1500
S/J	Double Decathlon  100,LJ,200H,SP,5000,800,HJ,400,HT,3000SC; 110H,DT,200,PV,3000,400H,JT,1500,TJ,10000
S/J	Pentathlon	  LJ,JT,200,DT,1500
U/18	Octathlon	  100,LJ,SP,400; 110H,HJ,JT,1000
U/17	Octathlon	  100H,LJ,JT,400; HJ,DT,SP,1500
U/17	Pentathlon	  100H,HJ,LJ,SP,800
U/15	Pentathlon	  80H,SP,LJ,HJ,800
U/13	Pentathlon	  75H,SP,LJ,HJ,800

Women's Outdoor:

S/J	Heptathlon	  100H,HJ,SP,200; LJ,JT,800
			  (HJ&SP reversed until 1983)
S/J	Double Heptathlon 100H,HJ,1500,400H,SP,200,100; LJ,400,JT,800,200H,DT,3000
S/J	Pentathlon	  100H,SP,HJ,LJ,800
U/17	Heptathlon	  80H,HJ,SP,200; LJ,JT,800
			  (HJ&SP reversed until 1983)
U/17	Pentathlon	  80H,SP,HJ,LJ,800
U/15	Pentathlon	  75H,SP,HJ,LJ,800
U/13	Pentathlon	  70H,SP,HJ,LJ,800

Men's Indoor:

S/J	Heptathlon	  60,LJ,SP,HJ; 60H,PV,1000
S	Pentathlon	  60H,LJ,SP,HJ,1000
J	Pentathlon	  60H,LJ,SP,HJ,800
U/17	Pentathlon	  60H,SP,LJ,HJ,800
U/15	Pentathlon	  60H,SP,HJ,LJ,800

Women's Indoor:

S/J	Pentathlon	  60H,HJ,SP,LJ,800
U/17	Pentathlon	  60H,SP,HJ,LJ,800
U/15	Pentathlon	  60H,SP,LJ,HJ,800

Where the order of events varies from the standard individual marks are given in the original order with the event composition indicated for clarity where necessary. Where event composition is different from the standard performances are detailed in supplementary lists.


The name given in the list is that by which the athlete preferred to be known whilst last competitively active in athletics (e.g. Liz not Elizabeth McColgan). Nicknames have generally been excluded except in circumstances where confusion may result (e.g. Daley not Francis Thompson). In women's events where an athlete has subsequently married, divorced and/or re-married both the surname at the time of competition and that in use when last active in British Senior athletics is given, separated by a "/".

In relay events the team title is listed first with the composition, and split times if known, detailed on the line(s) below. Split times should be regarded as unofficial. Where the total of the splits differ by one tenth or more from the finish time the total is given at the end of the second line.

Relay performances by leading clubs have also been included. These may include overseas athletes. In this instance the nationality of the overseas athlete is indicated next to the athletes name. Where a clubs name has changed the current name is indicated in {}. Where the club ran under another name the latter is given in ().

If, at some point during their career, an athlete has been banned from competition for a period of one year or more for a drugs related offence a "¶" is affixed to their surname. A "¶" is not included if the ban was later rescinded or was of three months duration (i.e. for stimulants not steroids).


The athlete's British "nationality" is indicated as follows:

ENG/E	England
GUE/G	Guernsey & Dependencies
IOM	Isle of Man
IRE	All-Ireland
JER/J	Jersey
NIR/NI	Northern Ireland
SCO/S	Scotland
WAL/W	Wales

Abbreviations for overseas nationalities are listed on a separate page.

Where an athletes allegiance has changed their nationality, at the time the performance was set, is given first with their alternative allegiance(s) following. Nations are separated by the following symbols:

/	Dual allegiance with
>	Later
<	Previously
><	Allegiance temporarily changed to
<>	Allegiance temporarily changed from


The athlete's date of birth is given in the format dd.mm.yy.


The athletes position in a competition (including guest competitors) and round/event are shown. The following abbreviations have been used:

ab	Event abandoned before completion
b,c,d,e	Second, third, fourth or fifth field event competition
D	Performance made in a decathlon (10 events)
DD	Performance made in a double decathlon (20 events)
dq	Subsequently disqualified
F	Performance made in a quadrathlon (4 events)
h	First round heat
H	Performance made in a heptathlon (7 events)
jo	After jump off
m	Intermediate mark
M	Performance made in a minithon
mx	Mixed competition
N	Performance made in a nonathlon (9 events)
o	Performance made in an octathlon (8 events)
P	Performance made in a pentathlon (5 events)
q	Second round heat/quarter-final
Q	Qualifying round
r	Race
ro	Run off
s	Semi-final
S	Performance made in a sextathlon/hexathlon (6 events)
T	Performance made in a triathlon (3 events)
*	Legal performance where best in competition was wind assisted
-	Not officially placed

Where no round/event is shown either this is not known or the competition was a final, only event, first event or major event in a series.

In mixed track events less than equal to 10000 metres the overall position in the race is shown where known. If not known the position counting only female competitors is given in brackets. In all other events the position counting only competitors of the same gender is given.

MEETING - not included in lists on this site

The following abbreviations have been used for meetings/events:

7Hills   Zevenheuvelenloop (Seven Hills) Run (NED)
AAA      Amateur Athletic Association (of England) Championships
AAI      Athletic Association of Ireland Championships (IRL)
AAIG     Athletic Association of Ireland Games (IRL)
AAmIG    All-American Indoor Games (USA)
AAU      Amateur Athletic Union Championships (USA - later USATF)
ABSA     ABSA Series (RSA)
ACC      Atlantic Coast Conference Championships (USA)
ACU      Abilene Christian University Classic (USA)
Adidas   Adidas IAC Club Field Event Championships/IAC National Field Event Day/
         Mars Half Marathon Series/Midweek Challenge/Torsion Road Race Series
AfrI     All-Africa Invitation Meeting (RSA)
AIAW     Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women Championships (USA)
Airnorth Airnorth Championships
AlaI     (University of) Alabama Invitational (USA)
AlderT   Aldershot Trophy
Ali      Muhammad Ali Invitational (USA)
Allsop   Allsop Trophy
Alpha    Alpha Trophy
Altro    Altrosport (Mondo Surfaces) Indoor League
Alumni   Louisiana State University Alumni Gold Relays (USA)
AmEast   America East (Collegiate) Championships (USA)
Amoco    Amoco International Games
AngS     Anglian Schools Trophy
Anhalt   Anhalt Meeting (GER)
Antwerp  Internationaal Antwerps Atletiek Gala (BEL)
APM      Adriaan Paulen Memorial (NED - formerly/later FBK)
Arco     Meeting Arcobaleno AtleticaEuropa (ITA)
Arena    Arena International (SUI)
ArhusG   Ĺrhus Games (DEN)
ArkI     (University of) Arkansas Invitational (USA)
Army     Army Championships
ArmyIUT  Army Inter-Unit Team Championships
Arthur   Louise Arthur League
Asics    Asics/Athletics Today Classic
Askina   Askina Meeting (GER)
ASV      ASV Weltklasse in Cologne (GER)
Atalanta Atalanta Trophy
ATB      Around The Bay 30K (CAN)
Athina   Meeting Athína (GRE)
Athl     Athletissima (SUI)
Atlet    Atletissima (BEL)
AusC     Australian Championships
Avalon   Avalon League
AvCo     Avon Cosmetics Women's Road Race
AVL      Alder Valley League
Avon{S}  Avon County {Schools} Championships
AvonL    Avon League
Ayun     Meeting Internacional Ayuntamiento de L'Alfaz del Pi (ESP)
Azalea   Azalea Trail Run 10K (USA)
Aztec    San Diego State University "Aztec" Classic (USA)
Badger   (University of Wisconsin) Badger Invitational (USA)
BAEI     BMC British Athletics Endurance Initiative
BAF      British (Athletic Federation) Championships
BAG      British Airways Games
Bally    Bally Chicagoland Invitational (USA)
Banamex  Grand Prix Atletismo Banamex México (MEX)
Barnett  Molly Barnett Walks
Battle   Battlebridge Trophy
Baxter   Beverley Baxter Trophy
BayB     Bay to Breakers 12K (USA)
Bayer    Bayer-Meeting in Leverkusen (GER)
BCGP     Budapest {Cup} Grand Prix (HUN)
BClubs   British Club Decathlon Championship
BCNL     Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire Sunday League
BCSA     British Colleges Sports Association Championships
BedIG    Bedford{shire} International Games
Beds{S}  Bedfordshire {Schools} Championships
BelC     Belgian Championships
BelfFG   Belfast Festival Games (later Warner)
BelfPG   Belfast Parks Games (later Warner)
Bells    Bell's Whisky Games
Berk{S}  Berkshire {Schools} Championships
Beta     Beta Trophy
BG       British (International) Games
BGC      Bowling Green Classic 10K (USA)
BGP      British Grand Prix
Bheath   Blackheath Harriers Centenary Meeting
Big8     Big Eight Conference Championships (USA - later Big12)
Big10    Big Ten Conference Championships (USA)
Big12    Big Twelve Conference Championships (USA)
BigE     Big East Conference Championships (USA)
BigSky   Big Sky Conference Championships (USA))
BirchSp  Birchfield Sports
BirmG    Birmingham (Mint/New Year) Games
Bisl     Bislett Games (NOR)
BL       British Athletics League/UK Women's League
Black    Tom Black Classic (USA - later Gator)
BLE      Bórd Lúthchleas na hÉireann (Irish Republic) Championships (IRL - later AAI)
Bloom    Lilac Bloomsday Run 12K (USA)
BMAF     British Masters Athletic Federation Championships
BMC      British Milers Club Invitation Race
BMeat    British Meat Games
BNP      Meeting BNP d'Athlétisme (FRA - later Gaz)
Board    Lillian Board Memorial Games
BoB      Battle of Britain Trophy
Boiler   Utica Boilermaker 15K (USA)
Boot     (Ernie) Boot Trophy Meeting
BostG    Boston Indoor Games
Botta    Memorial Don Walter Botta (ITA)
BPol     British Police Championships
BPSA     British Polytechnics Sports Association Championships
BrackG   Bracknell Games
BrackR   Bracknell Relays
Brancker Sir Sefton Brancker Trophy
Brennan  Brennan Trophy
Brockman Brockman Trophy
Brogalan Brogalan Meeting (SWE)
Brooks   Brooks Spring Run Off 8K (CAN)
Brown    Micky Brown Walks
BRST     British Rail Sprinter Trophy
Bryce    Patricia Bryce Trophy Women's 10000m Track Walk
BS       British Schools International Match
BSSF     British Students Sports Federation Championships (later BUSA)
Buck{S}  Buckinghamshire {Schools} Championships
BUPA     BUPA Challenge/Festival of Road Running/Games/{Indoor} Grand Prix (later NUGP)/International/Ireland Run
BUSA     British Universities Sports Association Championships
BUSF     British Universities Sports Federation Championships (later BUSA)
BVAF     British Veterans Athletic Federation Championships (later BMAF)
Cabbage  Cabbage Patch 10M
CABW     Meeting International d'Athlétisme de Cercle Athlétique Brabant Wallon Nivelles (BEL)
Cactus   Cactus Invitation Meeting (LUX)
Cagigal  Memorial José Maria Cagigal (ESP)
Caillat  Memorial Champel Caillat d'Athletisme (SUI)
CAirG    Clean Air Games (NOR)
Calew    Memorial Leo Calewaert (BEL)
Calig    Richard S. Caliguiri Great Race 10K (USA)
CalIM    California International Marathon (USA)
CalR     California Relays (USA - later ModR)
Camb{S}  Cambridgeshire {Schools} Championships
CanC     Canadian Championships
Cannon   Cannon IV Classic (USA)
Capital  Capital Invitational (USA)
CardG    Cardiff Games
CardI    Stanford University "Cardinal" Invitational (USA)
Carnival Carnival Trophy
Carr     Emsley Carr Mile
Cascade  Cascade Run-Off 15K (USA)
Castelli Gran Premio dei Castelli Bellinzona (SUI)
CAU      Counties Athletic Union (Inter-Counties/Inter-Regional) Championships
CBG      Colwyn Bay Games
CCM      City Charities Meeting
CCS      Cork City Sports/Games (IRL)
CdB      Meeting Ciutat de Barcelona (ESP)
CdF      Cittŕ di Firenze (ITA)
CdSS     Comunidad de San Sebastián (ESP)
CdV      Cittŕ di Viareggio (ITA)
Celt     Celtic Games
Cena     Cena Slovenska ("Slovak Gold") (SVK)
CFG      Chequer Foods Games
CG       Commonwealth Games
CGL      Central Girls League
CGU      CGU Indoor Grand Prix (later NUGP)
CGWU     Commonwealth Games Warm Up Meeting
Chase    Ben Chase Trophy
ChasK    Chas Kendall 10M
Cherry   Cherry Blossom 10M (USA)
Ches{S}  Cheshire {Schools} Championships
ChesL    Cheshire League
ChisT    Chiswick Trophy
CIE      Confédération Internationale des Étudiants International Universities Games (later WSG)
Circle   Hammer Circle Reunion
Citrus   Citrus Bowl Half Marathon (USA)
ClevS    Cleveland Schools Championships
Clwd{S}  Clwyd {Schools} Championships
Coke     Coke (Light) Indoor Meeting (BEL - later Flanders)
ComMark  "Common Market" Countries Walk Meeting
CommI    Commonwealth Invitational (USA)
Compaq   Compaq Road Races
Compton  Compton Invitational (USA)
Conseil  Meeting du Conseil Général (FRA/MRT)
ContH    (American) Continental Homes 10K (USA)
Cooper   Cooper River Bridge Run 10K (USA)
CopeIM   Copeland International Meeting
CoPG     City of Peterborough Games
CorbC    Corby Classic
COrM     Cezmi Or Memorial (TUR)
Corn{S}  Cornwall {Schools} Championships
CornL    Cornwall League
Corridor Corridor Half Marathon (USA)
CosC     Cosford (Indoor) Championships (later BirmG)
CosG     Cosford Games (later BirmG)
CovG     Coventry Games
CPC      City-Pier-City Half Marathon (NED)
CrawYG   Crawley Youth Games
CresC    Crescent City Classic 10K (USA)
Crim     Bobby Crim Festival of Races 10M (USA)
CroyH    Croydon Harriers Open Field & Hurdles Meeting
CRS      Co-op Retail Society Dairies Games (later PoTG)
CS       Civil Service Championships
CSSL     Central & South Scotland League
CT       Commonwealth Games Trials
Cumb{S}  Cumbria {Schools} Championships
C-USA    Conference USA (Collegiate) Championships (USA)
CwmC     Cwmbran Classic
Cyclone  Iowa State University "Cyclone" Last Chance NCAA Qualifier (USA)
CYG      Commonwealth Youth Games
Daily    Daily Oklahoman Track Classic (USA)
DartR    Dartmouth College Relays (USA)
DBFC     Davis Blank Furniss Classic
DCrest   Dairy Crest Games/Invitation Meeting
Debenham Debenhams Games (later NULGP)
DeesG    Deeside Games
Dennett  Dennett Trophy Meeting
Derb{S}  Derbyshire {Schools} Championships
Devn{S}  Devon {Schools} Championships
Dewhurst Dewhurst Games
DGate    Dairygate International Meeting
Diamond  Father Diamond Memorial Meeting (USA)
Diet     Diet Pepsi 5M (PUR)
Dilworth Dilworth 8K (USA)
DMN      Dallas Morning News Indoor Games (USA)
DNG      Dagens Nyheter Galan (SWE)
DogR     Dogwood Relays (USA - later Sea Ray Relays)
DonoreH  Donore Harriers International Meeting (IRL)
Dors{S}  Dorset {Schools} Championships
Downtown Harvard Health Downtown 5K (USA - later Harvard Pilgrim 5K)
DrakeR   Drake (University) Relays (USA)
DTD      Dam tot Dam(loop) 10M/Half Marathon (NED)
DTH      Dallas Times Herald Invitational (USA - later DMN)
DurhS    Durham County Schools Championships
Dyason   Dyason Trophy
Dyfd{S}  Dyfed {Schools} Championships
EAIAW    Eastern Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women Championships (USA)
EAL      East Anglian (Norfolk/Suffolk) League
Eaton    Eaton Trophy
EbbL     Ebbisham League
EC       European Championships
ECAC     Eastern College (East Coast) Athletic Conference Championships (USA)
EChall   European 10000m/Winter Throwing Challenge
ECI      East Coast Invitational (USA)
ECO      Eastern Counties Championships
ECP      European Cup for Champion Clubs
EdinG    Edinburgh (International) Games
EEG      Eastern Electricity Games
EHG      Edinburgh Highland Games
EI       European Indoor Championships
EIG      European Indoor Games (later EI)
EIP      European Indoor Cup
EJ       European Junior Championships
Eldon    Eldon Trophy
Eliit    Lahden Eliittikisat (FIN)
Embleton Phil Embleton Memorial 15K Road Walk
EMU      Eastern Michigan University Classic (USA)
Engen    Athletics South Africa Engen (International) Grand Prix Summer Series (RSA)
EP       European Cup
Erdgas   Internationales Erdgas Hallenmeeting des LAC Erdgas Chemnitz eV (GER)
Erewash  Erewash 10M
ERHS     Eastern Region Hammer School Meeting
ES       English Schools Championships
ESco     Scottish East District Championships
ESP      English Schools Cup
EspC     Spanish Championships
ESSG     European School Sport Games
Essx{S}  Essex {Schools} Championships
ET       European Championships Trials
EurCR    European Relays Cup for Champion Clubs
Euregio  Nacht van de Euregio (BEL)
EurPol   European Police Championships
EurR     European Relays
EVAA     European Veterans Athletic Association Championships
Evian    WAAA Evian 10000m Track Series
EWal     East Wales Regional Athletic Board Championships
Expo     Expo '92 Meeting (ESP - later GPDPS)
EYL      Eastern Young Athletes League
EYOD     European Youth Olympic Days (later EYOF)
EYOF     European Youth Olympic Festival
FastT    University of Florida Fast Times Invitational (USA)
FBK      Fanny Blankers-Koen Meeting (NED)
FCN      Critérium Nationaux (FRA)
FilaGP   Fila Grand Prix
FinC     Finnish (Winter) Championships
Fire     Fire Brigade Championships
FISEC    Féderation Internationale Sportive de l'Enseignement Catholique
         (International Sports Federation of Catholic Schools) Championships
FlaCC    Florida/Coke Classic (USA)
Flanders Flanders Indoor Meeting (BEL)
FlaR     (University of) Florida Relays (USA)
Flear    Alan Flear Open Walks
Flora    Flora Light Challenge for Women (5K)
Fortune  Fortune Cup 10000m Track Walk
FraC     French Championships
FSFI     Fédération Sportive Féminine Internationale "Women's World Games"
G4L      Golden Four League
Gasp     Gasparilla Distance Classic 15K (USA)
GateC    Gateshead Classic (later NUSL)
GateG    Gateshead Games (later NUSL)
Gator    Gatorade Classic (USA)
Gaymers  Gaymers Cider (IAC City Centre) Road Race Series
Gaz      Meeting Gaz de France (du Pas de Calais) (FRA)
GBTC     Greater Boston Track Club Invitational (USA)
GC       British Athletics League Gold Cup
GDG      Gävle GD Galan (SWE)
GdN      Meeting de Géants du Nord (FRA)
GerC     German (FR) Championships
GETAX    Internationale GETAX Meeting (BEL)
GGala    Golden Gala (ITA)
Gibson   Gibson Trophy
Giro     Girobank Games (later Warner)
GJC      British Athletics League Golden Jubilee Cup
GL       IAAF Golden League Grand Prix Event
GlamYL   Glamorgan Young Athletes League
GlasG    Glasgow Games
Globen   Globen Galan (SWE)
Glos{S}  Gloucestershire {Schools} Championships
GLR      Great London Run (5M/10K)
Glynwed  Glynwed Young Athletes Meeting
GMan{S}  Greater Manchester {Schools} Championships
GManR    Great Manchester Run (10K)
GMR      Great Midland Run (10K)
GMU      George Mason University Invitational (USA)
GNR      Great North Run (Half Marathon)
GotGP    Göteborg GP (SWE)
GP       IAAF Grand Prix I Event
GPA      Grand Prix of Austria (AUT)
GPCdV    Gran Premio Ciudad de Vigo (ESP)
GPDdS    Gran Premio Diputación de Salamanca (ESP)
GPDPS    Gran Premio Diputación Provincial Sevilla (ESP)
GPF      IAAF Grand Prix Final (later WAF)
GPoT     Grand Prix of Throws
GramL    Grampian League (later HalbL)
Grandma  Grandma's Marathon (USA)
Greenham Greenham Games
Griffin  Georgia Institute of Technology "Griffin" Invitational (USA)
GScoR    Great Scottish Run (Half Marathon/25K)
GSpike   Golden Spike Meeting (CZE or NED)
GSR      Great South Run (10M)
Guber    Gubernator Cup (RUS)
Guer{S}  Guernsey {Schools} Championships
Gugl     (Linzer/Zipfer/Raiffeisen) Gugl (Internationales/Grand Prix/Meeting) (AUT)
GWalR    Great Welsh Run (10K/5M)
GWG      Goodwill Games
Gwnt{S}  Gwent {Schools} Championships
GWR      Great West Run (Half Marathon)
Gwyn{S}  Gwynedd {Schools} Championships
HAAC     Heart of America Athletic Conference Championships (USA)
HalbL    Halliburton League
Hamp{S}  Hampshire {Schools} Championships
HampYL   Hampshire Young Athletes League
Hanzek   Zagreb Grand Prix (Memorijala Borisa Hanžekovica) (CRO)
Hapoel   Hapoel Games (ISR)
Hartnell Hartnell College Throwers Meeting (USA)
Hasan    Bob Hasan 10K (INA)
Hatton   Hatton Trophy
HB       Hanns Braun Memorial Sportfest (GER)
HeartYL  Heart of England Young Athletes League
Heps     Heptagonal Games Association (Collegiate) Championships (USA)
Herc     Meeting Herculis (Zepter) (MON)
Here     Herefordshire Championships
Hert{S}  Hertfordshire {Schools} Championships
HGP      Hungalu Grand Prix (HUN - later BCGP)
HI       Home International (British Isles Cup)
HiddenR  Hidden River Classic 10K (USA)
HighC    High Country Conference Championships (USA)
HIGP     Hungarian Indoor Grand Prix (HUN - later NAP)
Hilling  Hillingdon 5M
Honved   Honvéd-MATCH Cup (HUN)
Hope     Ron Hope Memorial Open Meeting
Hopkins  Ted Hopkins Memorial Trophy
HousI    Houston Invitational (USA)
Huffelen Carl van Huffelen Memorial (BEL)
Humar    L'Humarathon Half Marathon (FRA)
Humb{S}  Humberside (now East Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire) {Schools} Championships
HumbBT   Humber Bridge Trophy
HumbL    Humberside League
Humbset  Mémorial Eugčne Humberset (SUI)
HunC     Hungarian Championships
Husker   University of Nebraska-Lincoln "Husker" Invitational (USA)
HWorS    Hereford & Worcester Schools Championships
IA       Inter-Area/Inter-Regional Match
IAAFC    International Amateur Athletic Federation
         (now International Association of Athletics Federations) World Challenge
IAAFG    International Amateur Athletic Federation
         (now International Association of Athletics Federations) Golden Event
IAC      Coca-Cola/Miller Lite/Compaq Computers International Athletes Club Meeting
IAPS     National Preparatory Schools Championships
IAU      International Association of Ultra Runners Inter-Continental Cup/European Cup
IAUEC    International Association of Ultra Runners European Championships/Challenge
IAUWC    International Association of Ultra Runners World Championships/Challenge/Cup
IAUWT    International Association of Ultra Runners World Track Trophy
IC       Inter-County Match
IC4A     Championship Meeting of the Intercollegiate Association of Amateur Athletes of America (USA)
ICity    Inter-City Match
ICS      Inter-County Schools Match
IDAG     IDAG Galan (SWE - later MAI)
IdPC     Meeting Internacional de Pruebas Combinadas (ESP)
IFlora   Interflora Valentine's Classic (later NUGP)
IHM      Internationales Hallenleichtathletik Meeting in Karlsruhe (GER - later LBBW)
IHS      Internationales Hallensportfest in Sindelfingen (GER)
IHSM     Internationales Hochsprungmeeting (GER)
IL       Inter-League Match
Illini   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign "Illini" Classic (USA)
ILN      Internationalen Leichtathletik-Nacht (GER)
IndIC    Indiana Intercollegiate Championships (USA)
IndNI    Indiana National Invitational (USA)
IndR     Indiana (University) Relays (USA)
Insure   Insurance Championships
IntT     International Trial
Inv      Invitation Event/Meeting
IOW      Isle of Wight Championships
IQL      (Live) Internationales Quelle Leichtathletikfest (GER)
IreL     Irish National League
IreS     All-Irish Schools Championships
IreSIP   Irish Schools Inter-Provincial Match
IreU     All-Irish Universities Championships
IrvI     University of California, Irvine Invitational (USA - later SScott)
IS       Inter-Services Championships
ISC      International School Sport Federation (Jean Humbert) Cup
ISF      International School Sport Federation Meeting (World Gymnasiade)
IslandG  Island Games
IslC     Icelandic Championships
IsrC     Israeli Championships
ISTAF    Internationales Stadionfest (GER)
ISU      Iowa State (University) Classic (USA)
ItaC     Italian Open Championships
ITown    Inter-Town Match
IYFG     International Youth Friendship Games
IYG      International Youth Games
Jackson  Jackson Cup
JC       British Athletics League Jubilee Cup
Jenner   Bruce Jenner's Classic (USA)
Jerome   Harry Jerome Track Classic (CAN)
Jers{S}  Jersey {Schools} Championships
JersG    Jersey Games
Jgala    Juniorengala (GER)
JGP      Japan Grand Prix (JPN)
JITB     Jack-in-the-Box Invitational (USA - later Michelob)
JUCO     National Junior (& Community) College Athletic Association Championships (USA)
Kalevip  Kalevipoeg Games (EST)
KansR    Kansas Relays (USA)
Karelia  Karelia Games (FIN)
Keebler  Keebler Games (International High School Invitation Meeting - USA)
Kent{S}  Kent {Schools} Championships
KentL    Kent Boys & Colts/Women's League
KerkC    Kerkrade Classic (NED)
Kinally  Kinally Trophy
King     Martin Luther King (Freedom) Games (USA)
KnarG    Knarvik Games (NOR)
Knowles  Knowles Trophy
KobG     Copenhagen Games (DEN)
KoC      Knights of Columbus Games (CAN/USA)
Kodak    Kodak Classic/{Eastman} Invitational/10K Series
Kozar    Memorijal Ašli Kožar (CRO)
KP       KP Invitation Meeting/Games (later NULGP/NUGP)
Kuso     Janusz Kusocinski Memorial (POL)
LAC      London AC Schools Challenge Cup
Lanc{S}  Lancashire {Schools} Championships
LastCI   Middle Tennessee State University Last Chance Invitational (USA)
LastCM   University of Arizona Last Chance Meet (USA)
LastCQ   University of Oklahoma "Sooner" Last Chance NCAA Qualifier (USA)
LAT      Los Angeles Times Invitational (USA)
Lausit   (Erdgas) Internationales Lausitzer Meeting (GER)
LBBW     LBBW-Meeting/LBBW-Cup Internationales Hochsprung-Meeting (GER)
LBI      California State University, Long Beach Invitational (USA)
LEAP     Loughborough European Athletics Permit Meeting
Legion   Legion Trophy
Leic{S}  Leicestershire {Schools} Championships
LFB      London Fire Brigade Meeting
LGP      Leamington Grand Prix of Race Walking
LHum     L'Humanité Invitation Meeting (FRA)
LICC     London Inter-Club Challenge
LIDM     Loughborough International Development Meeting (later LEAP)
LilleM   Meeting Lille Métropole (FRA)
LilyB    Lily B League
LIM      Leeds International Meeting
Linc{S}  Lincolnshire {Schools} Championships
LincL    Lincolnshire League
LJones   Les Jones Memorial Games (later Warner)
LMEI     BMC London Marathon Endurance Initiative
Lond{S}  London {Schools} Championships
LondB    London Boroughs Team Championships
LondYG   London Youth Games
LSU      Louisiana State University Invitational (USA)
LTS      LTS Rail Invitation Meeting
LTSBYG   Lloyds/TSB Youth Games (later CrawYG)
Luco     Lucozade Games
LuxC     Luxembourg Championships
Magog    Magog (International Inter-Regional) Trophy
MAI      Malmö AI Galan (SWE)
Makaria  Makaria Meeting (CYP)
MAL      MAL Cup IAAF International Meeting (HUN)
Manitou  Manitou Games
Manx{S}  Manx {Schools} Championships
Maple    Toronto Star Maple Leaf Games (CAN)
MasonS   Mason Schools Trophy
Maurina  Trofeo Maurina (ITA)
MayDayG  May Day Games
MBYG     Midland Bank Youth Games (later CrawYG)
MC       Midland Counties (Amateur) Athletic Association Championships
MCC      Midwestern Collegiate Conference Championships (USA)
McDon    McDonald's Games
McEwans  McEwan's Games
McVit    McVitie's Challenge
MDixon   Mason-Dixon Games (USA)
Meier    Susanne Meier Memorial (SUI)
MelbT    Melbourne Trophy
Mericamp Mericamp Memorial (FRA)
Mers{S}  Merseyside {Schools} Championships
Metwest  Metrowest Twilight Meeting (USA)
Meyo     Meyo Invitational (USA)
MGlm{S}  Mid Glamorgan {Schools} Championships
Michalow Jerzy Michalowicz Memorial (POL)
Michelin Michelin 15K/10M
Michelob Michelob Games (USA)
Midd{S}  Middlesex {Schools} Championships
MiddL    Middlesex League
Midnight Midnight 20K (USA)
Midsum   Midsummer Games (FIN)
MIG      Midlands International Games
Milk     Milk in Sport Classic
MilkRun  Milk Run 10K (USA)
Mill     (Wanamaker) Millrose Games (USA)
MiniM    (Advil) New York Mini Marathon Women's 10K (USA)
ML       Midland League
MLancL   Mid Lancashire League
MNB      Memorial Núńez Blanca (ESP)
Mobil    Mobil One Invitational (USA)
MoC      Azusa Pacific University "Meet of Champions" (USA)
ModR     Modesto Relays (USA)
MoM      General Portfolio Miles of Miles Series
Mondo    Sherbrooke Mondo International (CAN)
Morley   Morley Mile
MPFV     Memorial Plácido Fernandez Viagas (ESP)
MSR      Mount San Antonio College Relays (USA)
MSUI     Murray State University Invitational (USA)
MSUR     Michigan State University Relays (USA)
MSUT     Murray State University Twilight Meeting (USA)
MVC      Missouri Valley Conference Championships (USA)
MwayL    Motorway League (later UK Women's League)
NABC     National Association of Boys Clubs Championships
NAIA     National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Championships (USA)
NAP      NAP Kupa (HUN)
NBank    National Bank 20K (USA)
NBG      New Balance Games (USA)
NBI      New Balance Invitational (USA - later BostG)
NBrown   Nan Brown Trophy
NC       Northern Counties/North of England (Amateur) Athletic Association Championships
NCAA     National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Championships (USA)
NCAA2    National Collegiate Athletic Association Division II Championships (USA)
NCAA3    National Collegiate Athletic Association Division III Championships (USA)
NCAA-{x} National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Regional Championships (USA)
NDIG     North Down International Games
NEC      NEC Classic (AUS)
NECO     North Eastern Counties (Northumberland & Durham) Championships
NedC     Dutch Championships (NED)
NEIC     New England Intercollegiate Championships (USA)
NEL      New England Limited (USA)
NESH     North East School of Hammer Meeting
NewT     New Times Phoenix 10K (USA)
NGalan   Nos Galan 5K
NGYL     National Grid Young Athletes League
Nhan{S}  Northamptonshire {Schools} Championships
NhFM     Newham Floodlit Meeting
NhumS    Northumberland Schools Championships
NI       Northern Irish Championships
NIA      North of England Inter-Area/Regional Match
NIAC     Nebraska-Iowa Athletic Conference Invitational (USA)
NIC      Northern Inter-Counties
Nik      NIKAĎA (FRA)
Nike     Nike Classic/Future Stars Meeting/Invitation Meeting/sponsored Road or Ultra-Marathon Race/Prix de Nike
NIL      Northern Ireland League
Nivea    Nivea Sprint Challenge
NIYL     Northern Ireland Young Athletes League
NJL      National Junior League
NL       Northern/North of England League
NorC     Norwegian Championships
NordC    Nordic Championships
Norf{S}  Norfolk {Schools} Championships
NorG     Norway Games (NOR)
Norris   Rex Norris Trophy
Norrkop  Norrköping Trophy
Nott{S}  Nottinghamshire {Schools} Championships
Notturna Notturna di Milano (ITA)
NoW      News of the World Invitation Meeting
NP       Northern Inter-Club Trophy (Knock-out Cup)
NPI      NPI Evening Challenge Meeting
NSco     Scottish North District Championships
NSL      North Staffordshire League
NSW      New South Wales Championships (AUS)
NUC      Norwich Union Classic
NUGP     Norwich Union Indoor Grand Prix
NULGP    Norwich Union London Grand Prix
Nurmi    Paavo Nurmi Games (FIN)
NUSL     Norwich Union Super League
NvdA     Nacht van de Atletiek (Night of Athletics) (BEL)
NWAIAW   North West Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women Championships (USA)
NWal     North Wales Regional Athletic Board Championships
NWHC     North West Hammer Club (School) Meeting
NwoodFC  Northwood Floodlit Classic (later NwoodG)
NwoodG   Northwood Games
NYG      New York Games (USA)
NYrkS    North Yorkshire Schools Championships
NYSD     North Yorkshire & South Durham League
Oaks     Oaks Trophy
Obersee  Oberseemeeting (SUI)
OctavR   Octavian Relays
OD       Olympischer Tag (Olympic Day) Meeting (GER)
Odlozil  Memorial Josef Odložil (CZE)
ODream   Olympic Dream 10K (AUS)
OG       Olympic Games
OGWU     Olympic Games Warm Up Meeting
OhioV    Ohio Valley Conference Championships (USA)
Oktfest  Oktoberfest 12K (USA)
Omron    Omron Games (later BirmG)
Optus    Optus Grand Prix Series (AUS - later TELSTRA)
OreC     Oregon Classic (USA)
OreR     (University of) Oregon Invitational/Pepsi Relays (USA)
Orkney   Orkney Islands Championships
OSatG    Olympic Satellite Games (JPN)
OsloG    Oslo Games (NOR)
OT       Olympic Trials
Oxon{S}  Oxfordshire {Schools} Championships
Oxy      Occidental College Invitational (USA)
PAAAU    Pacific Association Amateur Athletic Union Championships (USA)
Pac10    Pacific Ten (Pac-10) Conference Championships (USA)
Papa     Papaflessia (GRE)
PapG     Papendal Games (NED)
Paradise Paradise Run 10K (INA - later Hasan)
Parents  Parents Trophy Meeting at Crawley (later CrawYG) or Kingston
PCdQ     Palio Cittŕ della Quercia (ITA)
Peace    Peace Race 10K (USA)
Peach    Peachtree Road Race 10K (USA)
Pearl    Pearl Assurance Games/Belfast Games (later Warner)/Half Marathon Series/
         Indoor Invitation Meeting/International Meeting
PennR    University of Pennsylvania "Penn" Relays (USA)
Penofin  Penofin 10K (USA)
Pepsi    Pepsi Cola Invitational (USA)
Perform  Performance Games
Perkins  Perkins Trophy
Peugeot  Peugeot Games (later NULGP)
Pforce   Parcelforce Games (later NULGP)
Philips  Philips Golden International Meeting/Night of Athletics/Spectacular
Philly   Philadelphia Distance (Classic) Run Half Marathon (USA)
PilkGM   Pilkington Gala Meeting
Pirie    Gordon Pirie Trophy
PMets    Philadelphia Metropolitans (USA)
PolC     Polish Championships
Poly     Polytechnic Marathon
Polytrak Avon Polytrak Meeting
Pomona   Pomona-Pitzer Invitational (USA)
PorC     Portuguese Championships
PoTG     Port of Tilbury Games
PotomacV Potomac Valley Meeting (USA)
POW      Pre-Olympic Week ("Little Olympics" - MEX)
Powell   Claire Powell Memorial Walks
Prefont  (Steve) Prefontaine Memorial/Classic (USA)
PresT    President's Trophy Meeting
Pro      Professional Event
PTG      Peugeot-Talbot Games (later NULGP)
PTS      Pravda-Televízia-Slovnaft (SVK - later Cena)
Puma     Puma Cell 5M/Indoor Grand Prix/Sprint Hurdles Races
PVS      Annual Pole Vault School Competition
PVStars  Pole Vault Stars Meeting (UKR)
Pwys{S}  Powys {Schools} Championships
RAF      Royal Air Force Championships
RAF-BC   Royal Air Force Bomber Command Championships
Ramsey   Ramsey Trophy
Rank     Rank Xerox 10K Series
Rass     Memorial Geert Rasschaert (BEL)
Razor    University of Arkansas "Razorback" Invitational (USA)
RCdM     Reunión (Internacional) Comunidad (Ciudad) de Madrid (ESP)
RdM      Record du Monde de l'heure (FRA)
RdVin    Route du Vin Half Marathon (LUX)
ReadGN   Reading Gala Night of Sport
Reebok   Reebok Track Challenge/sponsored Road Race
Rep      Representative Match (involving either minor associations/areas or too many sides to detail individually)
Resis    Résisprint International Meeting (SUI)
Revco    Revco-Cleveland 10K (USA)
Ricoh    Ricoh Games
River    Gate River Run 15K (USA)
RLob     Red Lobster 10K Classic (USA)
RMAC     Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference Championships (USA)
RMPG     Royal Mail Parcels Games (later NULGP)
RN       Royal Navy Championships
Roberts  Bob Roberts Memorial Meeting
Rodhouse Simon Rodhouse Memorial Indoor Shot Competitions
Rogaine  Rogaine 5K (USA)
RoJack   Ro-Jack's Run 5M (USA)
RomIC    Romanian International Championships
Rosen    Rosenheim League
Rosicky  Evžen Rošický Memorial (CZE)
Rotary   Rotary Watches International Games (later NULGP)
RPM      Ron Pickering Memorial
RRC      Road Runners Club Race
RSAC     South African Championships
RTF      New Balance Roads to Freedom Women's 10K
R-W      (Rot-Weiss) Internationales Leichtathletik Abendsportfest (GER)
RWA      Race Walking Association Championships
RWM      Russian Winter Meeting (RUS)
RWorld   Runner's World 5M (USA)
Ryder    Ryder Trophy
Samsung  Samsung Cup (HUN - later NAP)
SanJI    San Jose Invitational (USA - later Jenner)
S&W      S&W Invitational (USA - later ModR)
SBoat    Steamboat Classic 4M (USA)
SC       Southern Counties/South of England (Amateur) Athletic Association Championships
SClub    Access Super Club Meeting
Sco      Scottish Championships
ScoC     Scottish Closed Championships
ScoID    Scottish Inter-District Match
ScoL     Scottish League
ScoP     Scottish Cup
ScoS     Scottish Schools Championships
ScoSIA   Scottish Schools Inter-Area Match
ScoU     Scottish Universities Championships
ScoYL    Scottish Young Athletes League
SCT      Southern Women's Club Trophy
Searl    Vernon Searl Memorial Open Throws Meeting
SEC      Southeastern Conference Championships (USA)
Secombe  Harry Secombe Trophy
Secur    Securicor Games (later NULGP)
Seminole Florida State University "Seminole" Twilight Meeting (USA)
SEWJL    South-East Wales Junior League
SFB      Sprinting for Britain Challenge
SFEG     San Francisco Examiner Games (USA)
SGlm{S}  South Glamorgan {Schools} Championships
SGP      Sřfteland Grand Prix (NOR)
SHA      United Kingdom Sports Hall Athletics
Shamrock Shamrock Shuffle 8K (USA)
Shro{S}  Shropshire {Schools} Championships
SIA      South of England Inter-Area/Regional Match
SIC      Southern Inter-Counties
Sikijev  Sikijev Memorial Meeting (SLO)
Skydome  Lite Skydome Invitational (USA)
SL       Southern League
Slater   Jeff Slater Trophy 10000m Track Walk
SLC      Southland Conference Championships (USA)
Slovn    International Slovnaft (SVK - later Cena)
Small    Vic Small Memorial Meeting
SNews    Solihull News Trophy
SNWAL    Scottish & North Western Athletic League
SOCON    Southern Conference Championships (USA)
SolG     Solent Games
Solid    Solidarity Meeting (BIH)
Solway   Solway League
Some{S}  Somerset {Schools} Championships
Spark    Sparkassen Cup World Meeting/Indoor Meeting (GER)
Spartak  Spartakiad of the Peoples of the USSR (URS)
Spike    Indoor Spike (CZE)
Spitz    Spitzen Leichtathletik Luzern (SUI)
Sportsco Sportsco International
Springer Springer Pole Vault Cup (GER)
SScott   Steve Scott Invitational (USA)
Sspike   Superspike Classic International
Stadion  Stadionfest in Königs Wusterhausen (GER)
Staf{S}  Staffordshire Schools Championships
StafCG   Staffordshire Centenary Games (later NwoodG)
Stampede Stepahead Stampede 25K (USA)
Standard Standard Cup
StanI    Stanford (University) Invitational (USA)
StanR    Stanford (University) Relays (USA - later StanI)
StAnt    Meeting de Santo António (POR)
Stars    The Stars Games (FIN)
StarTom  Bromsgrove & Redditch AC "Stars of Tomorrow" Meeting
STC      Southern RWA Team Competition
StockG   Stockholm Games (SWE)
StPaul   St. Paul's 12K (USA)
StVal    St. Valentine Invitational (USA)
SUC      Scottish Universities Challenge
Suff{S}  Suffolk {Schools} Championships
SuiC     Swiss Championships
Sule     Gustav Sule Memorial (EST)
Sullivan Tom Sullivan 10K (USA)
SunBelt  Sun Belt Conference Championships (USA)
Sunkist  Sunkist Invitational (USA)
Super    (Toto) International Super Meet Invitation (JPN)
Surr{S}  Surrey {Schools} Championships
Suss{S}  Sussex {Schools} Championships
SussL    Sussex Under 13 League
SWal     South Wales Regional Athletic Board Championships
SwanG    Swansea (Junior) Games
Sward    Sward Trophy
SWC      South Western Conference Championships (USA - later WAC)
SWCO     South West Championships
SweC     Swedish Championships
SWIC     South West Inter-Counties
Swintex  Swintex 25K
SWL{P}   South West League {Cup}
Sworld   Sportsworld 5M Classic (IRL)
SWS      South West Schools Championships
SYG      Seeboard Youth Games (later CrawYG)
SYrk{S}  South Yorkshire {Schools} Championships
TAC      The Athletics Congress of the USA Championships (USA - later USATF)
Tait     Robin Tait Memorial (NZL)
Talbot   Talbot International Games (later NULGP)
TampG    Tampere Games (FIN)
Tarrant  John Tarrant Memorial 50M
Tartan   Tartan Games
TaurusR  Taurus Relays
Tays     Tayside Championships
TEAG     Thüringer Energie AG Indoor Meeting (GER)
TeesG    Teeside Games
Telenor  Telenor Indoor Games (NOR)
Telstra  Telstra A-Series Grand Prix (AUS)
Tenneco  Houston-Tenneco Marathon (USA)
Terrier  Terrier Classic (USA)
TexI     (University of) Texas Invitational (USA)
TexR     (University of) Texas Relays (USA)
TFIM     Thurrock Floodlit Invitation Meeting (later PoTG)
ThamL    Thameside League
Thorn    Thorn EMI Video International
ThurrG   Thurrock Games (later PoTG)
Tiger    Louisiana State University "Purple Tiger" Invitational (USA)
TownT    Townsend Thoresen Trophy Meeting
Trevira  Trevira Twosome 10M (USA)
Tricotex Tricotex Cup (HUN - later Samsung)
TRun     Tulsa Run 15K (USA)
TSB      TSB Challenge/Games/Invitation Meeting (later NULGP/NUGP)
TScott   Tom Scott Memorial 10M
TSGP     Team Solent Grand Prix
Tsiklit  Tsiklitiria (GRE)
Tufts    Tufts Health Plan 10K for Women (USA)
TwinC    Twin Cities Marathon (USA)
TwoO     Two Oceans 56K (RSA)
TyneL    Tyneside League
Tyson    Tyson Foods Invitational (USA)
UAU      Universities Athletic Union Championships (later BUSA)
UK       United Kingdom (National Closed) Championships (later BAF)
uka      uk:athletics Challenge Series/Domestic Indoor Series/Grand Prix
UKHD     United Kingdom Hammer Development Meeting
UKICC    United Kingdom Indoor City Cup
UKPVA    United Kingdom Pole Vault Association Championships
UlsG     Ulster Games (later Warner)
UlsS     Ulster Schools Championships
UPU      International Post Office & Telecommunications Championships
USATF{-} United States of America Track & Field {- Association} Championships
USO      US Track & Field Open (USA)
USTCA    United States Track Coaches Association Team Championships (USA)
USTFF    United States Track & Field Federation Championships (USA)
VaIC     Virginia Intercollegiate Championships (USA)
VancT    Vancouver Trophy
VastG    Västerĺs Games (SWE)
Vaux     Vauxhall Invitation Meeting
VD       Memorial (Ivo) Van Damme (BEL)
Veniz    Venizelia Meeting (GRE)
VicC     Victoria State Championships (AUS)
Victory  Victory 5M
VictoryT Victory Trophy
Viren    Lasse Virén Invitational 20K (USA)
Vitalis  Vitalis (Meadowlands/US) Olympic Invitational (USA)
Vittel   Meeting Vittel du Pas de Calais (FRA - later Gaz)
WA       West Athletic Cup/Games
WAAA     Women's Amateur Athletic Association Championships (later AAA)
WAC      Western Athletic Conference Championships (USA)
WAF      IAAF World Athletics Final
Wal      Welsh Championships
WalIC    Welsh Inter-Counties/Inter-Regional
WalJL    Welsh Junior League
WalL     Welsh League
WalS     Welsh Schools Championships
WalYL    Welsh Young Athletes League
Wark{S}  Warwickshire {Schools} Championships
Warner   Warner Lambert Invitation
WAusC    Western Australia State Championships (AUS)
WAVA     World Association of Veteran Athletes Championships (later WMA)
WBest    World's Best 10K (PUR)
WC       World Championships
WCCA     Women's Cross Country Association Championships (later WCCRRA)
WCCRRA   Women's Cross Country & Road Running Association Championships
WelshG   Welsh Games
WEng     West of England Championships
WenOG    Wenlock Olympian Games
Werfer   Hallesche Werfertage (GER)
Westland Westland Marathon (NED)
WG       World Games (Maailmankisat/Ericsson/Asics Grand Prix - FIN)
WGlm{S}  West Glamorgan {Schools} Championships
WI       World Indoor Championships
WIG      World Indoor Games (later WI)
WigIG    Wigan International Games
Wilt{S}  Wiltshire {Schools} Championships
WisT     (University of) Wisconsin Twilight Invitational (USA)
WJ       IAAF World Junior Championships
WK       Weltklasse in Zürich (SUI)
WLHS     West London Hammer School Meeting
WMA      World Masters Athletics Championships
WMidS    West Midlands Schools Championships
WMidL    West Midland Track League
Wolfpack North Carolina State University "Wolfpack" Invitational (USA)
Worc     Worcestershire Championships
WP       World Cup
WPT      World Cup Trials
WrexG    Wrexham Games
WSco     Scottish West District Championships
WSG      Fédération Internationale du Sport Universitaire (FISU) World Student Games (Universiade)
WssxYL   Wessex Young Athletes League
WT       World Championships Trials
WWal     West Wales Regional Athletic Board Championships
WY       IAAF World Youth Championships
WYL      West Yorkshire League
WyndG    Wyndley Games
WYrkS    West Yorkshire Schools Championships
YAL      (National/uk:athletics) Young Athletes League
YeovG    Yeovil Bank Holiday Games
YHC      Yorkshire, Humberside & Cleveland Championships
Yorre    Yorre Invitation Meeting (FRA)
Yrks     Yorkshire Championships
Zatopek  Zatopek Classic (AUS)
Znam     Znamenskiy Brothers Memorial (RUS)

Great Britain and Northern Ireland international matches have been indicated by a "v" followed by the opposing countries. In other international or representative matches the team the athlete was representing is given before the "v" with the opposing sides after. Of the latter the host team is listed first.

The abbreviations used for overseas nations/territories are listed on a separate page. The abbreviations used for counties are the same as those used for county championships listed above. Other abbreviations used for international or representative teams are as follows:

AAA	Amateur Athletic Association (of England)
AAI	Athletic Association of Ireland (IRL)
Ach	Achilles
Ame	Americas
Army	Army
Bav	Bavaria (GER)
BE	British Empire
Bene	Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg)
Birch	Birchfield Harriers
BL	British Athletics League/UK Women's League
BLE	Bórd Lúthchleas na hÉireann {Presidents select} (Irish Athletic Association)
BPol	British Police
BPSA	British Polytechnics Sports Association
BRC	Borough Road College (later WLI)
Bris	Bristol
Brunel	Brunel University {West London}
BSSF	British Students Sports Federation/GB Students
BU	Birmingham University
BUSA	British Universities Sports Association/GB Students
BUSF	British Universities Sports Federation
Cal	Calais (FRA)
C&C	Cambridge & Coleridge AC
C&P	Cornell University & University of Pennsylvania (USA)
Cat	Catalonia (ESP)
Com	(British) Commonwealth
CS	Civil Service
CU	Cambridge University
E	England
EC	Eastern Counties
Edin	Edinburgh
Eur	Europe
ExL	Essex Ladies AC
Flan	Flanders (BEL)
FS	Fire Service
FsB	French-speaking Belgium
G	Guernsey
GBYL	'GB Young Lions 2000'
H&Y	Harvard & Yale Universities (USA)
Int	International Select
IOM	Isle of Man
IS	Combined Services
Iu	Irish Universities
J	Jersey
L	London
LC	Loughborough (University) Students AC (formerly Colleges/Past & Present)
LP	Leeds Polytechnic
MC	Midland Counties
MPol	Metropolitan Police
MU	Manchester University
NC	Northern Counties/North of England
NI	Northern Ireland
Norm	Normandy (FRA)
NPdC	Nord Pas-de-Calais (FRA)
NY	New York (USA)
Oce	Oceania
OCU	Oxford & Cambridge Universities
OU	Oxford University
PE	Physical Education Colleges
RAF	Royal Air Force
Rest	'The Rest'
RN	Royal Navy
RWA	Race Walking Association
S	Scotland
Savi	Savigny-sur-Orge (FRA)
S&W	Scotland & Wales
SC	Southern Counties/South of England
SE	South East England
SHst	Schleswig-Holstein (GER)
SL	Scottish League
SMC	St. Mary's College, Twickenham
SS	Scottish Select
StafU	Staffordshire University	
Su	Scottish Universities
SW	South West England
SWal	South Wales
Triv	Triveneto (ITA)
UAU	Universities Athletic Union
ULAC	University of London AC
UWIC	University of Wales Institute, Cardiff
W	Wales
WAAA	Women's Amateur Athletic Association
W&B	Wolverhampton & Bilston AC
WGn	Woodford Green AC
WH	Western Hemisphere
WLI	West London Institute of Higher Education
WMidL	West Midland Track League Select
WRAF	Women's Royal Air Force (disbanded 1/4/1994)
Wurt	Württemberg (GER)

The above may also have been suffixed by:

b	"B" team
s	Schools
u	Universities

Where space does not permit the full list of nations in an international match to be included the number of nations competing is given followed by the letter N. (e.g. 6N = 6 sided international involving Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Ev5N = 6 sided international involving England).

Where the performance represents an intermediate or over distance time the full distance has been appended to the meeting with a "-". Where the distance is given in speech marks this indicates the course measurement is known to be short. Unless one of the following abbreviations has been used the distance is in metres:

D	Days
H	Hour(s)
HM	Half marathon
k	Kilometres
M	Mile(s)
Mar	Marathon
y	Yards

Similarly, where a competition is restricted by age the age group has been appended to the meeting by a "-". In general age group definitions are as follows:

U/18 to U/23, Overseas, Northern Ireland, Celtic, Catholic Schools:

Domestic U/17 and below, U/20 schools, U/19 men (pre 1973), U/18 women indoors:

Scottish U/17 men and below (pre 1993):

Masters (Veterans) 35 and over:

The suffixes below may also have been attached to meetings:

A,B	"A" or "B" final/international
c	Championship match
C	Central or "C" final
E	East
f	Final
gst	Guest competitor
M	Midland or Mid
N	North
nc	Non-championship/invitation event
ns	Non-scoring/invitation event
p	Plate/auxiliary final
P	Premier division/promotion match
pent	Pentathlon
Q	Qualifying match
s	Semi-final/schools international
S	South
W	West
{x}	Division/round {x}

If no meeting is indicated either it is not known or falls into one of the following categories:


Where known the present name of the village, town or city in which the performance was set is given (e.g. St. Petersburg not Leningrad). On point-to-point courses both the start and finish are included where known.

Where performances on two or more tracks/courses in a British town/city are included in the lists the precise venue is indicated as follows:

AberdeenNoneChris Anderson Stadium (Linksfield Road)
 BBalgownie Pavilion (University)
BelfastNoneOutdoors: Mary Peters Track (Upper Malone)
  Indoors: Odyssey Arena
 APAircraft Park (Tillysburn)
 MfMaysfield Leisure Centre
 OPOrmeau Park
 PPPaisley Park
 QUQueen's University
 SBShaw's Bridge (Stranmillis)
BirminghamNoneOutdoors: Alexander Stadium (Perry Park)
  Indoors: National Indoor Arena
 AVAston Villa Leisure Centre
 FDFort Dunlop
 PBOutdoors: Perry Barr (Alexander Sports Ground, Aldridge Road)
  Indoors: High Performance Centre
 SPSalford Park (Aston)
 UnUniversity Track (Edgbaston)
BraintreeNoneLeisure Centre (Panfield Lane)
 RRobswood (Cressing Road)
 SLStubbs Lane (Alec Hunter High School)
BrightonNoneWithdean Stadium
 PPPreston Park
BristolNoneWhitchurch Stadium
 GGreenway Greystoke Avenue)
 RRodway (Mangotsfield School)
BromleyNoneNorman Park
 OxoOxo Grounds
CambridgeNoneWilberforce Road (University Track)
 MMilton Road (University Track)
CardiffNoneIndoors: National Indoor Athletics Centre (Cyncoed Road, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff)
 APArms Park
 CCardiff Outdoor Athletics Centre (Cyncoed Road, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff)
 LCardiff Athletic Stadium (Leckwith Road)
 LrLlanrumney Grounds (University of Wales, Cardiff)
 MMaindy Stadium
 SCNational Sports Centre for Wales
CorbyNoneRockingham Triangle
 OROccupation Road (Stewarts & Lloyds Recreation Ground)
CoventryNoneCoventry Athletics Track (University of Warwick)
 BButts Stadium (Albany Road)
EdinburghNoneMeadowbank Stadium
 AArboretum Road (Edinburgh Academy)
 CCraiglockhart (Edinburgh University)
EnfieldNoneQueen Elizabeth II Stadium
 DPDurants Park
ExeterNoneExeter Arena (Summer Lane)
 CClifton Hill (Belmont Road)
GlasgowNoneIndoors: Kelvin Hall
 CCrownpoint Sports Park
 HvHelenvale Park
 PPPollok Park
 SScotstoun Showground
 SPStrathclyde Park
GuildfordNoneGuildford Spectrum (Parkway)
 BBannister's Farm Track (Egerton Road)
HerefordNoneLeisure Centre (City Track, Holmer Road)
 KGKing George Playing Fields
InvernessNoneQueen's Park
 BPBught Park
LeedsNoneSouth Leeds Stadium
 BBeckett Park (LMU, formerly Carnegie College, Headingley)
LiverpoolNoneWavertree Athletics Centre
 WyWyncote (University of Liverpool)
LondonBBarnes (Barn Elms)
 BhBlackheath Park
 BPBattersea Park
 CatCatford (Ladywell Park)
 ChChiswick (Polytechnic Stadium)
 ColColindale (Peel Centre, Metropolitan Police Hendon)
 CPCrystal Palace National Sports Centre
 CrCroydon Sports Arena
 ECEarl's Court
 EltEltham (Sutcliffe Park)
 EMEton Manor (Leyton)
 FPFinsbury Park
 HaHaringey (New River Sports Centre, Wood Green)
 HeHendon (Barnet Copthall Stadium)
 HHHerne Hill
 HPHyde Park
 HuHurlingham Park (Fulham)
 IslIslington Agricultural Hall
 LamLambeth (Brockwell Park)
 LBLillie Bridge
 MEMile End (formerly East London Stadium, Poplar)
 NhNewham (Terence McMillan Stadium, Plaistow)
 PHParliament Hill (Hampstead)
 RPRegent's Park
 SBStamford Bridge
 SPSouthwark Park (Surrey Quays)
 TBTooting Bec
 VPVictoria Park (Homerton)
 WallCity of London "Wall"
 WCWhite City Stadium (Shepherd's Bush)
 WFWaltham Forest (Walthamstow)
 WLWest London (Linford Christie Stadium, Wormwood Scrubs)
 WPWimbledon Park
LutonNoneStockwood Park (Farley Hill)
 PSPark Street (Vauxhall Sports)
ManchesterNoneOutdoors: City of Manchester Stadium
  Indoors: Commonwealth Indoor Stadium (SportCity, Eastlands)
 BVBelle Vue
 EEccles (Cleavley)
 SStretford (Trafford Athletics Stadium, Longford Park)
 SaSale (Crossford Bridge)
 SCSport City
 WWythenshawe Park
 WCWhite City Stadium (Old Trafford)
MansfieldNoneBerry Hill
 CBNational Coal Board
NewcastleNoneLightfoot Centre (Wharrier Street, Byker)
 CCity Stadium (Newington Road)
NorthamptonNoneSixfields Stadium (Upton Way)
 DDuston (British Timken)
NorwichNoneNorfolk Athletics Track (UEA, Earlham)
 LLakenham (Hewett School)
OxfordNoneIffley Road (University Track)
 HHorspath Road
PortsmouthNoneAlexandra Park (Mountbatten Centre)
 FRRoyal Navy Stadium (HMS Temeraire, Flathouse Road)
 RNRoyal Navy Stadium (HMS Temeraire, Burnaby Road)
St. HelensNoneSutton Community Leisure Centre (Elton Head Road)
 PPilkington's Recreation Ground (Ruskin Drive, Denton's Green)
SheffieldNoneDon Valley Stadium (Attercliffe)
 HHillsborough Park
 WWoodbourn Road (Attercliffe)
 WBWadsley Bridge
SouthendNoneGaron Park (Eastern Avenue)
 SSouthchurch Park (Northumberland Crescent)
StokeNoneNorthwood Stadium (Cromer Road, Hanley)
 CCobridge Stadium (Cobridge Road, Hanley)
 TTrentham Gardens
SwanseaNoneMorfa Stadium (Upper Bank, Landore)
 SLSketty Lane (University of Wales, Swansea)
UxbridgeNoneBrunel University West London Track
 HUxbridge Athletics Track
 RAFRAF Uxbridge Track
WembleyNoneWembley Stadium
 VFVale Farm
WiganNoneRobin Park (Loire Drive)
 WLWoodhouse Lane

London is defined as the London Postal District. As such other venues in the Greater London area (e.g. Croydon) are given independently.

Overseas venues include the country of which the venue is currently part (abbreviations for overseas nations/territories are included on a separate page). Therefore, performances set in the 1990 European Championships, for instance, are listed as Split, CRO rather than Split, YUG. Native spellings are used except where the venue is more commonly known in this country by the anglicised name (e.g. Munich not München).

USA venues also include the state in which the venue resides. Abbreviations used on this site are as follows:

AK	Alaska
AL	Alabama
AR	Arkansas
AZ	Arizona
CA	California
CO	Colorado
CT	Connecticut
DC	District of Columbia
DE	Delaware
FL	Florida
GA	Georgia
HI	Hawaii
IA	Iowa
ID	Idaho
IL	Illinois
IN	Indiana
KS	Kansas
KY	Kentucky
LA	Louisiana
MA	Massachusetts
MD	Maryland
ME	Maine
MI	Michigan
MN	Minnesota
MO	Missouri
MS	Mississippi
MT	Montana
NC	North Carolina
ND	North Dakota
NE	Nebraska
NH	New Hampshire
NJ	New Jersey
NM	New Mexico
NV	Nevada
NY	New York
OH	Ohio
OK	Oklahoma
OR	Oregon
PA	Pennsylvania
RI	Rhode Island
SC	South Carolina
SD	South Dakota
TN	Tennessee
TX	Texas
UT	Utah
VA	Virginia
VT	Vermont
WA	Washington
WI	Wisconsin
WV	West Virginia
WY	Wyoming

Where a performance is known not to have been set in the principle stadium of an overseas town/city, the precise venue is given in brackets. The following abbreviations have been used:

AbileneEGElmer Gray Stadium (Abilene Christian University)
 IIndian Stadium (McMurry University)
AthensAKAgios Kosmas
 NFNeon Faliron (Karaiskakis Stadium)
AtlantaEEmory Track
 GGeorgia Institute of Technology
AucklandNSNorth Shore City
BerlinDHDynamohalle {East}
 EEast {Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark}
 SCCSCC Stadium (Avus)
 SFSportforum {East}
BostonRReggie Lewis Center (Roxbury Community College)
BrisbaneBBoondall (St. Joseph's College, Nudgee)
BudapestOHOlympia Hall
ClaremontCBurns Track & Field Complex (Claremont College)
 PStrehle Track (Pomona College)
 IIrishtown (Dublin Institute of Technology)
 SSantry (Billy Morton, formerly John F. Kennedy, Stadium)
Gold CoastRBRunaway Bay
 SSouthport (Griffith University)
HelsinkiEPEläintarha Park
HoustonRRice Track Stadium
 TTTom Tellez Track (University of Houston)
IndianapolisIUPUIMichael A. Carroll Track (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis)
 KKey Stadium (University of Indianapolis)
 NIFSNational Institute for Sport Indoor Track (IUPUI)
Lincoln NEWGWoody Greeno Track (Nebraska Wesleyan University)
LisbonAEstádio de Alvalade (Sporting Club)
 BBenfica (Estádio da Luz)
 UUniversity Stadium
Los AngelesCCCulver City (West Los Angeles College)
 CFCromwell Field (USC)
 EREagle Rock (Occidental College)
 JOJesse Owens Track (CSLA)
 WwWestwood (Drake Stadium, UCLA)
MelbourneNoneOlympic Park Stadium
 AAberfeldie (Moonee Valley Athletics Centre)
 BHBox Hill (Hagenauer's Reserve)
 CCoburg (Harold Stevens Athletic Track)
 CGCricket Ground
 DDoncaster (Reischiek's Reserve)
 FFrankston (Ballam Park)
 GGlenhuntly (Duncan MacKinnon Reserve)
 SScoresby (Knox Athletic Track)
Mexico CityOVOlympic Village Training Track
 UCUniversity City
New YorkANew Balance (formerly Armory) Track & Field Center
 BBronx (Fordham University)
 BFBaker Field (Columbia University)
 CCCity College
 FFlushing Meadow
 MSMMount St. Michaels HS
 QQueens (DaSilva Memorial Field)
 RIRandalls Island
 VCPVan Cortlandt Park
ParisBBercy (Palais Omnisports)
 CStade Sébastien Charléty
 INSEPInstitution National Sport en Paris
 JBStade Jean Bouin
 PStade Pershing
Perth, AUSCPCoker Park Athletics Track
Saint-DenisSFStade de France
San DiegoPLPoint Loma Nazarene University
SydneyHSydney International Athletic Centre (Homebush Bay)
 OWTOlympic Warm Up Track
TallahasseeFAMUFlorida A&M University
Waltham MABBentley College
 HSJ. Lee Gould Track (Waltham HS)

The following USA venues, listed by postal town/city, are located close to (and sometimes reported as) the following:

AmherstBuffaloStanfordPalo Alto
Daly CitySan FranciscoUniondaleNew York
InglewoodLos AngelesUniversity ParkState College
La JollaSan DiegoUSAF AcademyColorado Springs
Notre DameSouth Bend  

Other international venues that are located close to (and sometimes reported as) are as follows:

El Prat de LlobregatBarcelonaSchwechatVienna
EtobicokeTorontoSesto San GiovanniMilan
FanaBergenVilleneuve d'AscqLille


The date given is that in which the event was held (local time) in the format dd mmm yyyy. In multi-event or long distance competitions the date in which the event was completed (or at which the intermediate time was taken) is used.

In 2, 3 or 4 day meetings, where the exact date on which an event was held is unknown, the final date of the meeting is given. In those of longer duration, where the exact date is not known, the day is left blank.

INDEX - not available on this site

The index summarises the performances of all athletes appearing in the various all time lists in the order they occur. Athletes are listed alphabetically. The format of the index is:

Surname, Forenames, Nationality, Date of Birth-Death,

followed on the next line(s) by, for each mark:

Age Group, Event, Performance(s), Year(s).

In general only the first performance given for an athlete in the main or supplementary list is included. However, if the best mark is altitude assisted (sprints and jumps only), indoor or wind assisted the next best performance, if listed, is also detailed. Marks set in relay events are not included.

Where known the athlete's full name (or initials), including any changes in surname, are given. Performances for female athletes are listed by the name under which they were last active in British Senior/Junior athletics, cross-referenced by other names under which they appear in the lists.

Where athletes have changed nationality their allegiance when last eligible for Great Britain and Northern Ireland is given first, followed by other allegiances throughout their career. For reasons of space it was not felt feasible to compile details of athletes club, school and/or college affiliations, given that these can change several times throughout an athletes career.

Age groups are abbreviated as follows (suffixed by an "i" if the performance was taken from an indoor list):

S	Senior
J	Junior
U{xx}	Under {age group}

The abbreviations listed below have been used in shortening the event description (track races are in metres unless otherwise indicated):

D	Days
DEC	Decathlon
DT	Discus
g	Grams
H	Hurdles
HEPT	Heptathlon
HJ	High jump
HM	Half marathon
Hr	Hour(s)
HT	Hammer
(J)	Junior specification
JT	Javelin
K	Kilometres
kg	Kilogram(s)
lb	Pounds
LJ	Long jump
m	Metres
M	Mile(s)
MAR	Marathon
Min	Minutes
OCT	Octathlon
(OJ)	Original model
PENT	Pentathlon
PV	Pole vault
R	Road
RW	Road walk
(S)	Senior specification
SC	Steeplechase
SP	Shot putt
TJ	Triple jump
TW	Track walk
(U{x})	Under {age group} specification
W	Walk
WT	Weight
YD	Yards
'	Feet
"	Inches

The following abbreviations have been used in conjunction with performances (in addition to those detailed in the performance section):

age?	Age uncertain
dh	Downhill (including sunken pit or raised circle)
dq	Disqualified
dt	Doubtful timing
et	Extra trial
ex	Exhibition
fly	Flying start
lt	Light implement
OA	Over age
os	Oversized track
OT	Scored on original tables
sh	Short course
sh?	Course measurement uncertain
st	Straight track
UK?	British eligibility uncertain
w?	Wind speed/direction unconfirmed
wt?	Weight uncertain
?	Doubtful performance or unconfirmed
!	Other irregularity


In compiling the lists on this site the following publications have been invaluable (see Recommended Athletics Publications for further details):

ATFS Athletics Annuals, Athletics Today, Athletics Weekly, British Athletics Annuals, Leichtathletik, Scottish Athletics Yearbooks, Track Stats, Welsh Athletics Annuals & Outdoor Rankings, plus various one-off publications of the NUTS, ATFS, IAAF, RWA, RRC & IAU.

Many thanks also to the numerous individuals for their time and assistance in providing information and responding to queries, in particular:

Daniel Bell, Dave Bendy, Eduardo Biscayart, Arnold Black, Alexandru Boriga, Alain Bouille, Roger Burrows, Dave Burton, Mark Butler, M. Arons Carvalho, Ron Casey, Peter Cassidy, Peter Cooper, György Csiki, Alan Currie, Brenda Currie, Huw Davies, Freddy De Roose, Alastair Dunn, Enn Endjärv, Birger Fält, Ljubiša Gajic, Sally Gandee, Erik Garin, John Glover, Emmo Götze, Karl Graf, Ian Grant, Bill Green, Tim Grose, Brian Hatch, Riël Hauman, José Luis Hernández, Ian Hodge, Ray Hollis, Heinrich Hubbeling, Tony Hunt, Richard Hymans, Tony Isaacs, Juhani Jalava, Mirko Jalava, Paul Jenes, Zbyszek Jonik, Marián Kalabus, Ozren Karamata, Kevin Kelly, Alan Keys, Georges Klepper, Winfried Kramer, Grzegorz Ladzik, Murray Lambden, Raul Leoni, Břrre Lilloe, Alan Lindop, Bernard Linley, David Littlewood, Mick McGeoch, Murray McKinnon, Tomas Magnusson, Peter Martin, Peter Matthews, Stuart Mazdon, Frieda Michiels, Paul Michiels, Tony Miller, Andy Milroy, Stepas Misiűnas, Keith Morbey, Judy Morrey, Pierce O'Callaghan, Tony O'Neill, Shigenobu Ota, Mario Pacetti, Mariano Pérez, Zdravko Peternelj, John Powell, Alan Rowe, Janusz Rozum, Milan Skocovský, Liz Smart, Christer Söderberg, Bob Sparks, Jesse Squire, Meriç Tafolar, Ian Tempest, Falk Tippmann, Fred Tostain, Jack Tregurtha, Daniel Urien, Aleksandar Vangelov, Hans van Kuijen, Rob Whittingham, Duane Wysynski, Colin Young, Ken Young.

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